England (well, just London actually)



There’s not much I can write about London that hasn’t been written before but it’s definetly worth a visit. From the big bloody Ben to Bucko Palace, the jaw dropping, iconic landmarks peppered along the impressive Thames River never fail to stop you in your tracks.

Plus if you prefer to have your cultural experiences in the pub, there’s one on just about every corner.

And although most people think a holiday in London will cost you an arm and a leg and a liver, the truth is you can do it on the cheap.
Most of the world leading museums and galleries from the science museum, history museum and the classical and modern Tate art gallery are free entry. And even a night at the theatre isn’t too expensive if you search for deals online like a cyber-jippo.




Best place to stay in London:


Screw expensive hotels and dumpy hostels.
Through the website http://www.couchsurfing.com we were offered a free couch to stay on. The guys who lived there were great and will be friends for life. And all it cost was a few home cooked curries, a bottle of duty free booze and a hangover…or two.

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