Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka:


Hikkaduwa: Surfing with Turtles and man-sages

If I was God, this is the place I’d create. Perfect surf, great snorkelling, turtles everywhere, friendly locals, beach cricket and most importantly cheap curry and beer. Every time I surfed a turtle would pop up to say hello. But the thing I’ll never forget in Hikkaduwa is the oily man to man massage I got. Only a man truly knows what a man wants. Life changer.IMG_2194



An hour and a half south of Hikkaduwa by train is Marissa. It’s more beautiful than a mother’s love for her baby.

There’s a little right hander wave to surf and a fun left if you walk 15 minutes north up the beach. There are better surf spots a short scooter ride away though. If you’re a real jerk like me, you’ll go up the hill to the luxury resort and use their infinity pool and drink their beer.



Just south of Galle sits the cool little beach town of Unawatuna. A Big Buddah is nestled on the hill, looking down over all the tourists drinking cocktails on lounger chairs. Quietly judging them all.
Walk over to Jungle Beach to get away from the crowds. There’s good diving in the area, some surf spots not too far away and a generally chilled vibe. Stay at Amla’s across the road from the main beach. Definitely worth a few nights if you’re in the area.

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